We are a Caring Company as recognized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services, and are proud to support the following non-profit organizations:

Chi Heng Foundation
Chi Heng, based in Hong Kong, provides educational support to children in Central China affected by HIV/AIDS, many of whose parents have succumbed to AIDS after selling blood during the 1990s under unsanitary conditions in an effort to escape poverty. Since 1998, Chi Heng has directly supported the education and living expenses of children affected by HIV/AIDS, helping more than 8,000 children so far. To learn more about Chi Heng, please visit: www.chihengfoundation.com

Sow Asia Foundation
Sow Asia, based in Hong Kong, applies a venture philanthropy approach to support Asia-based small-to-medium enterprises which positively impact social concerns such as healthcare, environment, education and poverty-alleviation. As opposed to providing grants or donations, Sow Asia’s focus is to invest in such enterprises and provide managerial support to help generate income and reach self-sustainability, in the process creating a wider and more sustainable resource base to alleviate social concerns. To learn more about Sow Asia, please visit: www.sowasia.org